General FAQ

What is ImmVRse?

ImmVRse is an encrypted, connected & decentralised blockchain VR video-sharing platform, where VR content producers are able to showcase their talents to a broad audience. Brands can hire content producers and also directly advertise to viewers on the platform. Viewers are able to interact with the community by liking, commenting and sharing videos, in addition to receiving rewards as an incentive.

What is your long-term vision?

Our long-term vision is to become one of the largest decentralised creative platforms, a self-sustaining and autonomous network that utilises a personalised cryptocurrency as a tradable commodity. The platform will provide an opportunity for anyone – brands, advertisers and VR content creators alike, to collaborate, produce and share high-quality VR content online, thus gradually revolutionising the virtual reality industry as a whole.

Is your team experienced?

Our team members have an average 5-10 years of experience on their portfolio. The team is incredibly passionate, business-centric and have achieved success in the past. Some of our team members have experience working with blue-chip giants, therefore are capable of managing multi-million dollar projects.

Why does the world need ImmVRse when there's YouTube and other 360-degree content sharing platform?

Multiple platforms have VR support including YouTube, however, there are very few content creators on them. There aren’t enough dedicated VR content sharing platforms which reward both the content creators and the users. Given the fact that the marketplace for video producers are saturated, it is very difficult to fuel the growth of VR/AR without dedicated platforms.

Additionally, brands will also be able to recuit content creators using ImmVRse platform. ImmVRse aims to be a hybrid of a freelancer marketplace and a content sharing platform.

How is blockchain going to make a video sharing platform better?

There are many countries in the world that don’t have access to digital payment systems due their own countries’ limitations and authorisation issues from their central government. As a result, many producers are forced to use bypass payment mechanisms and pay additional fees for foreign exchange.

By integrating blockchain payment, ImmVRse will allow anyone to instantly create a wallet that can directly receive payments, without the need for a 3rd party intermediary or financial controller. ImmVRse is redefining banking with the unbanked and combining the best of both worlds.

Blockchain is at the forefront of a new digital revolution that has caught the financial world by storm; a decentralised network and digital ledger for transactions, which can be programmed to store any kind of valuable data and has no single point of failure. This new application is powered by a web infrastructure built on the foundation of blockchain called Ethereum. This is a platform that allows smart contracts to be distributed as well as decentralised applications to be developed and run without the influence of a central arbitrator, downtime, fraud or any external interference.

What blockchain features are you going to use?

We will be using the following blockchain functions:

  1. The platform will be based on Ethereum blockchain in order to utilise Smart Contracts
  2. A personalised token, IMVs for the ecosystem
  3. Smart Contract function for recruitment and payment processing without a financial intermediary
  4. Blockchain-based rewards in form of IMVs tokens
  5. Decentralised data storage

I have seen other ICOs and blockchain startups who are building the same platform.

There are some other blockchain startups who are building platforms for VR content creators. Although they are deemed as our competitors, we believe that these startups are contributing towards the overall development of the VR industry. In order to effectively differentiate ourselves, we would like state that:

  1. We are not only a VR content sharing platform, but also a marketplace for content creators. Companies from around the world will be able to utilise our decentralised search engine to find some of the talented VR content creators and hire them directly through the platform.
  2. We will not only reward the content creators, but also provide accolade-based rewards to the users. That is, the users will get paid in IMVs for interacting with our application.
  3. The Advertisers will be able to post ads and ImmVRse will share the revenue with both content creators (25%) and the users (25%).
  4. Through us, the amateur VR content creators will be able to learn new skills from the experienced users via the ImmVRse academy, an online channel which will allow creators to collaborate and share knowledge.
  5. We are planning to partner with multiple companies and e-commerce site where ImmVRse tokens will be accepted as a form of blockchain payments.

What is ImmVRse's network architecture?

“ImmVRse Network” is a network architecture that consists of:

  • ImmVRse Token – An Ethereum ERC20 Standard token for the ecosystem
  • ImmVRse Wallet – A Wallet where users will be able to store IMVs
  • ImmVRse Protocol – A ledger that logs every transaction and interaction within the Ethereum Blockchain
  • ImmVRse (ĐApp) – Content sharing and recruitment platform

What is ImmVRse Retention Engine?

This is an algorithm for blockchain, designed specifically to retain users within the ecosystem. The blockchain algorithm allows users to directly engage with Virtual Reality content producers by earning badges. Additionally, the system will be designed to reward the viewers simply for interacting with the application. A part of advertiser’s payment will be distributed to the viewers for watching, sharing and voting on the app.

What type of users ImmVRse plans to attract?

Creators – Publishing VR content
Brands – Looking to hire content creators
Advertisers – Looking to advertise using the platform
Viewers – General 360-Degree Viewers

How will Smart Contracts help build a better marketplace?

Traditional platforms use interemdiaries and controllers to manage and moderate contracts posted on the online job marketplaces. However, using blockchain, the power of contracts will be distributed to our users. The companies and the brands will set their own terms of the contract, while the system will automatically process the deadline, workflow, transactions and handle the payments. ImmVRse will revolutionise content sharing and recruitment using Ethereum Smart Contracts.

How will ImmVRse will make money?

Following will be the revenue sources:

  • A percentage of successful jobs
  • Monthly subscription fees from higher tier content creators
  • Fee from advertisers
  • Subscriptions to ImmVRse academy

For more details, please refer to the Whitepaper.

What Research and Development projects have you undertaken?

ImmVRse is working closely with Kingston University London, one of the top business schools in the UK to facilitate entrepreneurship and conduct VR R&D in coming months. ImmVRse has also partnered with one of the top 10 universities in the world, Imperial College London (School of Medicine) to actively conduct VR research projects. We have conducted a pilot project this year, and are planning to conduct a large-scale research under Clinical Research and Innovation (CRI) experience in mid-2018.

Token Sale FAQ

What are ImmVRse tokens?

ImmVRse is a ERC-20 standard token based on Ethereum.

How can I participate in the token sale?

In order to participate, you will need to have an Ethereum standard wallet, e.g. MyEtherWallet. Do not send Ethereum from exchanges and they will not be accepted.

We have partnered with reputable ICO solutions provider TokenGet. This will allow you to participate using multiple currencies – e.g. ETH, BTC, LTC, BCH, DASH etc.

Have you received any investments?

We have received a lot of interest from institutional as well as non-institutional investors. We are working towards the pre-ICO so that we can achieve our target.

When will the tokens hit the exchanges?

The tokens will be released on the blockchain and distributed after 2-3 weeks of ICO. After 4-5 weeks, the tokens will be gradually released in multiple exchanges.

Is your website safe for transactions?

Our website deploys professional-grade DDoS protection along with verified SSL that encrypts all inbound and outbound connection. Our partner TokenGet provides a highly secured platform that will allow participants to send funds using an encrypted and secured platform.

What if your website suffers from a cyber attack?

Our cybersecurity partner EnterSoft-Segasec are monitoring the website along with our telegram channel in order assess potential threats. We have taken and still continuing to take necessary steps in order to ensure our visitor’s safety and investor’s security. Please refer to the Security Breach Avoidance guide for more information.

How many tokens will be released via ICO?

ImmVRse plans to release 100,000,000 tokens and raise USD $20 million for the project to be fully successful.

What is your hard cap?

Our ICO hard cap is USD $20 million.

Is your token deemed as an asset?

No, there are no voting rights or ownership rights. Therefore, it is deemed a currency for the ecosystem.

Will the residents of US and Singapore be able to participate?

We are undergoing KYC & AML laws in the UK to ensure everyone’s participation. We will utilise TokenGet’s platform to conduct KYC/AML for our ICO participants after we have conducted the ICO.

More Questions?

No problem! Fill up the form on the contact page with your queries and we will aim to respond within 24 hours.

For confidentiality purposes, we provide full ID protection of client identity and use enterprise-grade security to store client information on SSH secured cloud storage. Our website deploys enterprise DDoS protection, Web Application Firewall, and fully verified/encrypted connection.