If you do not intend to join our ICO,
please do not apply for the whitelist.

Both you and your friend (who will sign up using the VIRAL link)
must participate in the ICO.
You must register on our new terminal to participate.

Our system will allocate referral tokens to your name (will be shown Pending).
Tokens will be distributed after the ICO.

A simple guide to the referral campaign:

1. Apply For Crowdsale
2. Sign up for referral campaign
3. Receive your first referral bonus when your friend signs up
4. Register on the new Terminal to participate in the ICO.


Apply For Crowdsale (Skip this if you have already applied)


Sign up for referral campaign using the same email


Check your status here.

Please bookmark this page in your browser.

Once you register, you can come back to this page to check your status.
Enter your details in Step 2 to Sign In.

If your IP address matches, you will automatically see this section.

Referral Campaign Details

We are currently on PHASE 2.

Phase 2: 5000 Participants: You will receive 50 IMVs for each referral

*This screen has been simplified to make it user friendly.