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DISCLAIMER: ImmVRse is a decentralised application (ÐApp) and a standard Ethereum-based ERC20 token for the eco-system being developed by team VRtualise®. Therefore it is neither considered nor classified as a crypto-asset. Although tokens are designed to be traded in multiple exchanges across the world, this does not necessarily provide any guarantee or any immediate increase in price. the sale of the token constitutes the distribution of a fully legal web and mobile application under the laws of the UK. ImmVRse will be treated and utilised as a currency and will be integrated as a form of payment. This whitepaper should be used for general understanding of the concept of ImmVRse. It does not constitute nor intend to provide any form of professional investment advice to the investors either new or experienced in the world of cryptocurrency. Anyone willing to participate in ImmVRse ICO will, therefore, have to understand the risks and implications. Details of terms are set aside by company’s appointed law firm, regulated by the Solicitor Regulation Authority in the UK. For the benefit of potential users and ICO participators, this whitepaper has been translated into multiple languages. please contact [email protected] for more information. ImmVRse is a registered brand identity of the parent company VRtualise®. VRtualise® is a registered trademark of VRtualise Ltd, registered in England and Wales, registered office at 160 London Road, London, United Kingdom, companies house registration number 10623588. For the purpose of security and compliance with the data protection law in the UK, VRtualise® is registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office, registration number ZA246772. All other registered trademarks highlighted are the copyright property of their respective owners.